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I like to read books and make comments about them. Sometimes snarky, sometimes comical, and sometimes I've been drinking whiskey.

Halfway thru House of Corruption

This book is so beautifully written.  So beautiful that it is haunting.  Which I guess makes sense because it is a horror book.  And the details!!!  Good GOD the details!  When the author describes the vicious and disturbing scenes I can actually hear the sounds.  Bones cracking, blood gushing from the neck, skin tearing open.  I could gag.  But in a good way.  A good gag.  

I am such a fan of horror anything.  Books, movies, creepy graveyard tours.  Most of the time it keeps me from reading horror novels because more often than not I am left not feeling completely creeped out.

Let me tell you:  I am creeped the fuck out, y'all.

Across the Universe (Across the Universe Series #1) (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) - Beth Revis

Okay, so I really liked the idea of this book.  The idea that people were frozen and transported for 300 years to another planet to inhabit it and make it livable.  Cool.  That is pretty much the only reason I gave it as many stars as I did.

But the book was entirely too predictable and there was nothing about any of the characters that made me really like them.  They were flat and just not all that believable.  I think it took Amy way too long to really freak out about her situation, the romance between Elder and Amy was boring and almost non-existent.  I SUPPOSE I appreciate the fact that the book wasn't over-run with their romance, but if you're going to introduce their feelings at all, try to make it a little more interesting.


One character I really liked was Harley.  He had personality and charm.  And of course, the one character out of the entire book that had an substance to me ends up committing suicide.

I won't give up, though.  I'll read the next book and hope that the story comes alive somehow.


Halfway thru Across the Universe

So this is certainly shaping up to be a very intriguing read.  A lot of secrets and Hitler-ish type of going-ons.  

HOWEVER!! How is Amy not FLIPPING the FUCK out?  I mean, she's sad, yes.  But if I woke up from being frozen 50 years earlier than I was supposed to, knowing that I would be stuck on the ship until it lands 50 years from now... knowing I would be OLDER than my folks by the time it lands... knowing that Eldest wants to just throw you into space because you're so different... I would freak out LOSE MY SHIT.  

Maybe she just needs time to really digest what is going on before she goes bat-shit crazy?  I mean think about it.  It's like prison.  IN SPACE.  Space prison.  Where even if you could escape the prison, you'd die because you're IN SPACE.  You would have to put me on some seriously heavy meds just to get me to be at least 50% calm.

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Hey.  So this is pretty neat.  I guess when I get some more free time I'll add books to my shelf and start blogging about the stuff I've been reading.

Just kind of wanted to test out the blog part.  You know, see what happens when I press post.  Maybe the world will end.  Maybe the Vikings will finally win a freaking Super Bowl.  Or maybe it will just post and no one will read it.  Whatevs.


See y'all around!

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